30,000 Miles To Hell and Back

Posted June 3rd, 2021

This month, we’re challenging ourselves to travel To Hell and Back to raise much-needed funds for Hospitality Action. 

Thursday 10th June – Friday 18th June

For a week in June, Gareth, Helena, Dom, Matt, Liam and Tegan will be running, cycling or walking to help hospitality people in crisis. 

Since the first lockdown, in March 2020, hospitality workers have experienced unimaginable hardship: lives and livelihoods have been lost; mental health has been challenged; businesses have closed. The past year has been nothing short of hellish, in short, this past year, they’ve been through hell. 

That’s why we’re heading To Hell and Back on our virtual fundraising challenge in support of Hospitality Action (HA). 

Whether you work in hotels, restaurants, pubs, bars or cafés, schools, hospitals or event venues, HA is there to give you the help, advice and support you need whenever times get tough. Whatever challenge you face – from physical illness or mental health issues to financial difficulty, family problems to addiction – Hospitality Action is here to get you back on your feet again. And when it’s no longer possible to work, we can help you prepare for the next phase of your life. 

So, along with many other like-minded colleagues in the UK hospitality industry Team Purslane will be contributing 420 miles to help the fundraising effort cover an epic 30,693 miles as we virtually visit four actual hells on earth: towns called Hell in California, Michigan and Norway; and Hell Creek in Montana. Crucially, this is a return journey. Yes, we’re heading to Hell – but we’re coming back again, as a team, just as the UK’s resilient hospitality industry is. 

If you feel you can sponsor us in our efforts please use this link.


Thank you

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