Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

Please note our policy to avoid charges

Purslane is an independent restaurant with a limited number of covers available. Our ability to use the freshest ingredients, to retain the right staff, to produce food and service to the standard we demand, and simply to continue to survive as a business relies on reservations being honoured by our guests or sufficient notice being given of any changes.

We apologise that cancellation charges have become necessary.

For this reason we take card details to confirm reservations. A fee of £65 per person would be charged to your credit/debit card in the event of less than 24 hours notice given of any cancellation or reduction to the number in your party. If members of your party have pre-ordered their meals but fail to arrive, a charge for those meals would be applied instead. However, if we are able to resell your table we will happily waive this charge.

Our booking system allows us to check if the card details you have provided are correct. If you provide false or incorrect details and we are unable to contact you to rectify this we will cancel your booking.